Carry Hope RDSS

Who is HOPE?

Hi everyone! My name is Hope! I am Carry Hope’s newly appointed mascot to help raise awareness for the rare in Singapore! I originated from UK and I travel around the world, raising the awareness for a rare condition, Pompe Disease. And now I have travelled all the way to Singapore! 

Carrying me (HOPE) is akin to carrying many of our beneficiaries who may not be mobile, and are fighting on in their own journey as a rare disorder patient.

I will carry their hopes and dreams, in wanting an even better life as they wait for any breakthrough in the medical treatments or cures. For some beneficiaries, their hope may just be simply to be able to express their thoughts and feelings to their loved ones, in their own unique ways.

Every child, regardless of their different needs, has the rights to live and be given the fair opportunity to grow and develop their abilities. We are here to love and offer them the quality of life.Carr


Congratulations to you for bringing HOPE back home. You are now a Carry Hope Ambassador! Bring HOPE along and posting your pictures with HOPE on your social media platforms (Facebook or Instagram) periodically! This will help to raise the publicity and awareness among your friends in your own social network! For those who cannot wait to bring this soft cuddly sloth plushie back, now is your chance!

Carry Hope 7.7KM Challenge 2022 is back!
Our fundraising campaign will start from 28 February 2022! 
Early registration starts on 14 February which gives you a $8 discount on the participation ticket!

Shout out to your family, friends and business associates to support you in the fundraising. Carry the HOPES of our beneficiaries when you complete the challenge! YOU can definitely make a difference in our beneficiaries’ lives! 

Read about our causes here.

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