About the Organiser

Rare Disorders Society (Singapore) is an active charity with 8 years of experience and serving more than 500 people, living with or has a rare disorder.

It is established in 2011 as a Non-Profit Organisation and a registered charity.

  • We support people living with rare disorders and their family
  • Organise events to meet their social needs
  • Offer financial support
  • Empower caregiver to acquire better caregiving skills
  • Make this island a more inclusive place


Each child deserves to live a quality of life. Our charity is inspired to make this possible for them.


30% of children will die end before their fifth birthday unless early intervention is given. Join us in helping them to receive early treatments and intervention that will help make their lives better!

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Through one voice! In unison, we make the voice of rare louder and create more awareness to the public! For those concerned about accountability, we have been transparent in our field. Every dollar raised goes towards supporting our beneficiaries!



Through early intervention and treatments, our beneficiaries are empowered to lead a better quality of life.



To one’s hope. We create a safe environment for our beneficiaries and their caregivers in giving them each and every person’s support. They are not alone in this journey.


Race For 7

Past Event 2019

To raise awareness about rare diseases, to empower patients and their families with access to national and international resources. To offer more support to people and their family living with rare disorders in Singapore.

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