February 14, 2022

Carry Hope 7.7KM Challenge 2022

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I. Registration details
For team registration, what should I do if my team or family is less than 5?
We have set up the limit of 5 based on the latest social gathering policy in Singapore. If your family is close to 5 members, we encourage rallying your friends or other family members to join to make 5 to join a better registration price. 🙂

What should I do if my team of family is more than 5?
We have set up the limit of 5 based on the latest social gathering policy in Singapore. Given this, unfortunately we could not allow running together as 6. Email us at rdsscarryhope@gmail.com if you got any further enquiries.

What is early bird benefit? Can I still register for it now?
Early birds can enjoy $8 off for their purchases. Our early bird discount applies to any registration within the first week of our launch (by 27th Feb)!

What is the deadline for registering the 7.7 km challenge?
The deadline is by 31st March. And do register by 27th Feb to enjoy an early bird discount of $8 off!

Is it a must to register for fundraising too?
Nope. Fundraising is optional for whoever wants to help RDSS and contribute by forming a funding raising team and participating in our fundraising challenge. Successful fundraising team/individual who raises > $5,000 will be presented a plaque to recognize their efforts.

II. Completing 7.7 km challenge
Can I register the 7.7km challenge just for the sake of donation but not complete it?
Sure! The purpose of our event is to raise awareness as well as fundraising for patients with rare disease in Singapore. Alternatively, you may also visit our Carry Hope 7.7km Challenge 2022 Giving.sg Campaign Page to donate. By registering the event, you will nevertheless receive your race back. What is in it will depend on the category of tickets that you purchase – please refer to our main event page for the exact details.

Do I have to follow a specific form to complete the 7.7 km challenge?
Fret not! We do not limit on how you complete the 7.7 km challenge. You may run, walk, ride, spin, hike or even rock climbing! The purpose of the event is purely to raise awareness on rare diseases, as well as raising funding for our beneficiaries.

Can I go beyond 7.7 km for this challenge?
Sure! However, we would encourage taking a photo when you just completed 7.7 km and post in social media with the hashtag #CarryHopeRDSS to help spread the message.

What apps can I use to record my activities?
All GPS-based apps, running gadgets (e.g. Garmin watches) and indoor treadmills are accepted. Examples include Nike Running, MiFit, Runkeeper, Apple Fitness, Strava etc.

How do I submit my run / walk / cycling activity?
For this year, it is not required to track the completion of the 7.7 km challenge as our main focus is to raise awareness and fundraise. However, we highly encourage your posting on social media with the hashtag #CarryHopeRDSS to help spread the message and share the proud moment!

III. Race pack collection
What’s in the Race Pack?
Please see below summary table for your reference. Note that Loyalty Participant refer to those who took part in Carry Hope 2020/21 Virtual Run and already had the sloth soft plushie

(14/02 – 27/02) PRICING
Individual (Loyalty Participant)$20.00$28.001x Sloth Running Tee 
Team of 5 (Loyalty Participants)$100.00$140.005x Sloth Running Tee 
Individual$40.00$48.001x Sloth Soft Plushie + 1x Running Tee 
Team of 5$192.00$200.005x Sloth Soft Plushies + 5x Running Tees 
Family$142.00$150.002x Sloth Soft Plushie + 5x Running Tees (Adults & Children Sizes) 

How do I collect it?
Please indicate your residential address during registration and your running pack will be shipped to you via courier service within 2 weeks.

IV. Social Media Posting
Do I have to form a team of 5 to carry out fundraising campaign for Carry Hope 2022?
Nope there is no limitation on the fundraising participation. Individuals are welcomed to participate and pledge an amount of their choice whereas for teams, we will give 5k, 7.7k and 10k for them to choose from. By 30th April, successful team/individual who raises >$5,000 will be awarded with a plaque.

How should I notify you on my social media postings?
Feel free to add the hashtag #CarryHopeRDSS and @our social media account as below so we will be notified.
– FB: https://www.facebook.com/CarryHopeRDSS
– Instagram: @CarryHopeRDSS
– LinkedIn: Rare Disorders Society (Singapore)

Alternatively, you may also email to rdsscarryhope@gmail.com the following:
– Screenshot/s of distance ran at least totalling 7.7km
– URL link of social media posting (Please remember to set your posting as public because we will be sharing your post on our FB and Instagram page too!)

What is the deadline for my social media posting?
The deadline for registering our 7.7 km challenge is on 31st March so it would be the deadline if you want to post for the 7.7 km challenge. However, we do encourage constant posting with us to help us raise the public awareness about rare disease and the community in Singapore, especially on Rare Disease Day, 28th Feb itself!

V. Team fundraising
Do I need to set up our own campaign page in Giving.sg?
Nope. RDSS will be setting up the campaign page for you in giving.sg. However, do indicate your team name as well as any other useful info, comments in the registration page for 7.7 km challenge. We look forward to having you as our fundraising ambassador!

Can I set up if it’s just me registering for the fund raising?
Yes, you can also participate as an individual. Just set a correspondingly different fundraising target in your page based on your own estimation.

What is the final deadline on the fundraising?
30th April will be the deadline for fundraising.

How should I determine the target amount of fundraising for my or my team’s page?
You can estimate it based on your estimation on how much fund you could raise among your family and friends. You can also involve your social media network for this purpose- it’s usually safer to set the target higher than your estimates.

Can I change the target amount afterwards?
Yes, we will be able to edit your target amount in your campaign’s page.

VI. Corporate donation
What are the forms of participation for corporate?
We welcome all sorts of participation and discussion on it if the below options do not meet your requirements:
Register for your staff on the 7.7 km virtual challenge directly and get our race packs!
Set up corporate fundraising team on giving.sg
Sponsorship of the event
Donation of gifts packs / t-shirts etc.
Please email to francesca@rdss.org.sg if you would like to discuss more!

What is the platform / payment methods for donation?
You may make donations via our main Giving.sg Carry Hope 2022 Campaign donation page.

What is the deadline for registration of the 7.7 km challenge and fundraising? Are they the same dates?
Nope. The deadline for registering 7.7km challenge will be 31st March while for fundraising it will be extended to 30th April.

How do Carry Hope 2022 recognize my organization’s donation?
For corporate donations, the below recognitions will be applied.

CategoryDonation criteria Recognition / Prize 
Platinum Sponsor$20,000 and above

·        A pair of autographed Carry Hope Mascot

·        5 personalised and autographed Race T-shirts

·        One Hamper

·        Digital Marketing (Mention of company on our Facebook, website, Instagram, and email)

·        Event electronic Direct Marketing

Gold sponsor$10,000 and above

·        A pair of autographed Carry Hope Mascot

·        5 personalised and autographed Race T-shirts

·        One Hamper

·        Digital Marketing (Mention of company on our Facebook, website, Instagram and email)

·        Event electronic Direct Marketing

Silver sponsor$5,000 and above

·        Silver Plaque

·        A pair of Carry Hope Mascot

·        Digital Marketing (Mention of company on our Facebook, website, Instagram and email)

Bronze sponsor$3,000 and above

·        Bronze Plaque

·        Digital Marketing (Mention of company on our Facebook, website, Instagram and email)

Can I customize what is on the plaque?
Your company name and logo will be imprinted on the plaque.

Can I customize the digital marketing for sponsorship or donation?
Yes, we are happy to support and work collaboratively with your marketing team on the digital marketing materials for this.

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