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For the second edition of Carry Hope virtual event, we will continue to support two meaningful charities related to rare diseases. They are the Rare Disorders Society (Singapore) and Rare Disease Fund. 70% of the net proceeds will go to RDSS while 30% will be donated to the RDF. 


Adopted charities:





Rare Disorders Society (Singapore) or RDSS is a non-profit organisation initiated by parents of children with LSD (Lysosomal Storage Disorder). Established in 2011, it aims to create awareness about various life threatening rare diseases. RDSS is currently the only organisation focusing and supporting only on rare disease patients in Singapore. Unlike other charities that focus on specific disease group or made rare genetic disease as one of the supported group, RDSS accept and support patients currently diagnosed with rare diseases, including those undiagnosed cases.

RDSS looks at improving the lives of the affected children with timely, accurate diagnosis and intervention. Through building a well-established system, it also aims to encourage society to join parents of rare disease patients in creating a better future for them.  For more details, please visit www.rdss.org.sg.

We would like to raise $100,000 gross funds, 70% which will be used to impact directly the lives of the RDSS beneficiaries, by supporting their Home Based Learning and Therapy Support Programme. 





The Rare Disease Fund (RDF) is a charity fund that seeks to provide long-term financial support for patients with rare diseases requiring treatment with high cost medicines. The RDF is managed by KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) Health Fund (part of SingHealth Fund). It has the support of the Ministry of Health and provides a platform for the community and Government to come together to support patients with rare diseases over their lifetime. However, this should be the last line of assistance given to the patients, after receiving other government financial subsidies.  

Your gift to the RDF is life-giving. You will be providing financial assistance for the expensive medicines that patients need to allow them the opportunity to live a relatively normal life. All donations are welcome, and no donation is too small for the RDF. Your kind contribution will be a great source of help and support to the patients and their families as they battle these diseases.

For every dollar of public donation, the Government will match $3, boosting the impact of the fund. 
30% of the net donations will be donated to Rare Disease Fund, raised by Carry Hope 7.7KM Challenge 2022 fundraising campaign. 
For more details on Rare Disease Fund, please visit www.kkh.com.sg
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