27 Feb, 2021

Start time 5.00pm

Marina Bay


100% of fees to beneficiary


Run For Rare

Carry our hope

“Hope”, our dear sloth mascot represents the many dreams and wishes that our beneficiaries with a rare condition have. Carrying “Hope” is akin to carrying their hopes with us, and showing our support for these patients. Run with “Hope” for the 100 over beneficiaries in the Rare Disorders Society Singapore and also as we raise funds for the Rare Disease Fund. 

pAST Events

Race For 7 2019

Race for 7 2019  About Race for 7:   Race for 7 is an awareness run originated from India and organized by Organization For Rare Disease India. In 2019, RDSS has partnered with ORDI to bring the race to Singapore! Purpose:   To raise awareness about rare diseases, to empower patients...

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