Issac is was diagnosed with Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome (a.k.a. broad thumb-hallux syndrome) at birth. There is no cure for Issac’s condition and symptomatic treatments will be given to him throughout his life. Intermittently, one or more surgeries might be needed to correct certain issues related to the disorder. He was also diagnosed with gastrointestinal issues, heart defects, facial defects, speech and language delay and many others issues related the disorder.

His mother, a single parent, had to give up her job to care for him full time. Her family members were burdened by their own financial difficulties and hence unable to help with his treatment costs fully.

Issac was referred to the Society to help with emotional and financial support that could bring light to his life. Through the Society outing, Issac was linked to other children with rare disorders and this improved his communication skills. He has since entered into an early intervention program and has continued to show great improvement.

Issac’s mother has since moved on and she is now married, and Issac is a proud brother to a younger sister. He is attending school and making good progress.

Issac and his mother have demonstrated that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel and all they really need is someone like you to offer continuous support to them.

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